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   New Business Initiatives
1 RETAIL - Solutions for online and offline retail design solutions
2 ACCELERATE - Brand strategy and design solutions for emerging and small enterprises with fixed budgets and time frames
3 MAKEOVER - Corporate and individual image revamp solutions

MAKEOVER is a new business initiative of UNSAME Creative Services, specialising in offering corporates and business houses a highly professional, brand design and brand management service. The service is meant for those businesses who are looking to rebrand, revamp or redesign their corporate, product or service identity.

Founded on the years of brand building, graphic design experience and knowledge that we possess, MAKEOVER goes beyond just pure design principles and seeks to explore, identify and deliver a unifying and coherent brand image across all business segments to clients.

MAKEOVER enables clients to get a fresh perspective on the currency of their brand. Through a comprehensive brand audit service we ensure that every touch point is scrutinised, analysed and relevant inputs relayed to our design team as well as the client's brand managers.

This process enables all the parties involved to clearly articulate the brand vision and the resultant creative effort gets translated into a brand design that is spot on.

We are well versed with the colour palette, modern fonts, typography and have capabilities to render and deliver a comprehensive and fresh brand architecture across all medias.

Do write to us. We promise to change things for the better.

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