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1 RETAIL - Solutions for online and offline retail design solutions
2 ACCELERATE - Brand strategy and design solutions for emerging and small enterprises with fixed budgets and time frames
3 MAKEOVER - Corporate and individual image revamp solutions


Corporate Films | Advertising Films | HR & Technical Training Films | Product Demo Film | Product Launch Film
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Who is immune to the magic of films?

From the age of the uncomplicated silent films to the hi-tech glitz of today, films are still considered a powerful medium of mass communication that cut across language and cultural barriers.

Brands have been built on the strength of this medium, but at the same time history is replete with examples of brands being sent into oblivion due to a badly made film.

So how do we get it right for your brand?

Well, firstly we at UNSAME Creative Services have the experience and an extensive talent network to script, produce, direct and complete your film.

Our work begins right from the descriptive storyboards we present, to ensure that the entire film crew along with the brand manager has a clear vision of the film and a feel of what the final product will look like.

We understand budgets and have access to the resources that can deliver to these budgets, without comprising on the quality of the script or the final production. We fully understand the implication of timelines and market deadlines. We understand your business objectives behind the film.

Most importantly, our films have a powerful story, a compelling theme that will put your point across to your audience in an exciting and memorable manner.

Because what we plan and implement in everything we do, is to put your company or your brand at the centre of the storyline. This translates into a film that works for your brand as well as creates a distinct connect with your audience.

We work with talented and experienced writers, producers, creative directors, cinematographers, editors, actors, models, music composers, voice over artists, modern post production houses and other important resources.

The equipment we use is high definition, broadcast quality specialist equipment, which ensures that the final film looks slick, professional and worth the time and money invested in it.


Interactive Brochures | E Books and Catalogues | Interactive Corporate Presentations
Interactive Training Presentations | Menu-driven Reports and Brochures
Interactive Event specific Communication | Virtual Product Demos | Virtual Stores | Virtual Walkthroughs

Advancing technology has revolutionsed the way corporate or product presentations are produced and distributed.

UNSAME Creative Services has evolved as a key player in this dynamic media landscape and is well equipped to deliver a host of exciting options to corporate entities and brand managers.

Our professional and highly creative team applies and seamlessly blends the latest technologies in the graphics, audio, video animation, text animation and voice domain, to deliver an exciting way to present information, in a seamless and interactive format. These multimedia presentations can be viewed individually and can also be projected, transmitted, or played locally with a media player.

UNSAME Creative Services works on these presentations from an approved storyboard onwards, keeping in mind the cost and time implications. Due attention is also paid to the brand architecture and little things like brand colour, fonts, tag line, packaging etc. are also given due importance.

Using an optimal mix of programming, action scripting, interesting and relevant graphics, bold layouts, engaging animations and script, we create and deliver a finished product that scores high on quality as well as relevance.

We can create linear or non linear presentations that give you the freedom to use these presentations as you wish.

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